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We have been surfing around and found a bunch of free sites only to join and find out if you are a male you have to upgrade with a membership fee. With most of these sites men have to upgrade to do anything on their sites like talk to others. Here at Porn4Truckers there are no upgrades. There are no different membership levels. When you join, you are a member. We do not even have a way to take money from you. We don't want it. We just want you to be ACTIVE and have a lot of fun. Maybe even meet someone. So why join a site that does not even offer half as much as we do and then have to pay? Join here for free and get everything we have to offer at no cost.

Porn4Truckers is an easy Social Community Network for anyone over the age of 18. The idea at Porn4Truckers is to be able to easily upload and share adult videos, pictures, as well as sounds. This site has a lot more to offer than any other site we came across and always looking to add more at no cost to you as a member.

Porn4Truckers is not just for truckers. Anyone over the age of 18 can join and share their adult media for any of the dirty truckers out there that want to see.

Most of the stuff to view is limited to guests. Like videos and sounds. We want members, so you will need to register to Porn4Truckers to get unlimited access.
Again Porn4Truckers is free and easy to register so what are you waiting for, You have nothing at all to lose.

There are only 3 easy rules to Porn4Truckers.

  • 1. NO ILLEGAL CONTENT. (No Bestiality, No Child Porn)
  • 2. NO SPAM
  • 3. RESPECT others.


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We did it again. We changed the look as well as how things are viewed. We have done a lot in the back end and changed the main page. Click to read more.
We have been adding new stuff and asking people to join. We need your help getting this place active. Please click to read more.
I just added some more modules hoping I can get members. Click to read what is new.
I dare you to go for one whole day in a short skirt and no panties.
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It seems no one has much fun anymore out on the road. Being a trucker for a couple of years. Back when I started you saw people (guys and girls) flashing the truckers. It has been years since anyone has flashed me let alone no one is even talking about it anymore. Sure you here on the CB of a girl w…
Slinger dares Everyone
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I can only say that leaving everything and everyone who had always been in my life was the scariest thing I had ever done in my life.  Parts of it even felt as though my heart was breaking.  But the r…
Categories: Fear 
09.13.2016 · From SlingersGirl
The craziest thing I have done is fuck a girl on a packed greyhound bus.
Categories: Sex 
09.13.2016 · From Slinger
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A group for the truckers to join and bullshit.
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Females using dildos and toys of all sizes
Pictures of men's cocks of all different sizes
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